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Prios Kompetanse AS (Prios) is a research-based corporation established by several cooperative competence environments. Main tasks are project management, business consulting, innovation processes, training and software development. Prios as research center aims to implement the idea of lifelong learning, support and conduct development projects. The center is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, improve their business, needs new or better digital tools or have ideas in need for support to be fulfilled.

We value innovation and creativity, since training content and training methods constantly need to be improved as response to the development of society in general. Our courses and assignments are carried out by own staff or professionals from our large network. Prios receives no government funding. Main source of income is sales fees from our services. Prios have 6 persons in its administration staff and about 25 teachers/programmers/consultants.

The main sectors we operate is:
- Research.
- Adult and youth education. Formal and non-formal education, training and courses.
- Tutor and advisor for innovation processes for startups and well-established companies.
- Software development, tailored solutions for mainly education and SME. We developed and own the Follow-Up® concept

Prios has focus on labor market service, especially vocational training, basic skills (digital, media literacy, Critical thinking, numeracy and literacy) training, job orientation, entrepreneurial training and advanced training measures.
In all our activities, Prios has a sharp focus on the individual and their needs. This involves giving support for individual workplace training, individual learning process, market access and life planning in general. We offer workshops and courses that last from a few academic hours up to whole semester. Flexibility is important for Prios in order to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, be it, length and duration of courses, course content, course location and date.

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