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Genista Foundation had been set up in 2002 and has a pool of 12 youth workers and also a number of teachers who give their time in youth work, organizing training, workshops, lectures, hands-on activities etc. GRF works with children, youths and adults, focusing on empowering, education and giving opportunities to people with educational, social, minorities and refugees through its dedicated team of youth workers all qualified with university degrees.

GRF works on the following:
Training department: Genista foundation was a Registered centre of Informal Education with the Malta Qualifications council providing training on organic farming, media, communication, EU affairs and intercultural dialogue working both in Malta and in various other EU and Non EU countries, coordinating and provding training in Palestine, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Tunisia, Italy, Norway, France, etc and is now awaiting the renewal of its license.
Genista also provides training in Economic affairs, management, internationalization, start-ups, company development and international network development. Rinella nature reserve- GRF manages and runs the nature reserve and organic farm in Rinella valley an area of scientific importance were it does experimentation on various vegetables and their adaptability to our climate and grows and plants a variety of local and Meditterean trees.
Intercultural, Migration and social work- GRF over the past years has branched and started working with minority groups namely refugees, social and economic areas and those with fewer abilities due to health issues. We participated as partners in a number of projects and have coordinated projects namely:
1. Erasmus Key 1- Life beyond a training project for youth trainers. 2020-1-MT01-KA105-074126
2. Erasmus Key 2- More Education for Tolerant Europe” M.E.T.E. -promoting and education of trainers with cultural and religious tolerance
3. Europe for citizens- network of towns 615210-CITIZ-1-2019-2-MT-CITIZ-MT with Gharb local council project Citizen oriented society
4. Erasmus + 2019-3-MT01-KA105-074034 Genista Fairy tales in education -understanding cultural diversity and refugees among us.
5. Erasmus + 2019-3-MT01-KA105-074033 Genista Cultural diversity -for better integration of refugees and immigrants in society.
6. Europe for citizens- Remembrance 609048-CITIZ-1-2019-1-MT-CITIZ-REMEM GENISTA Enlargement compare- EnLarge
7. ERDF 2007-2013 with Arka foundation Gozo- a home for mentaly and physically disabled youths.
8. Coordinator of Europeaid/129-855/L/ACT/PS in Palestine-Celebrating Cultural heritage through participatory videos working with refugee youths.
9. YIA ACTION 1.1 with partner from Belvi Sardengna-Turn off! Reach out! Working with mentally disadvantaged youths.
10. YIA ACTION 4.3 with partner from Kırıkkale-TURKEY- Sport and Art: Two Magic Keys For Disadvantaged Young People To Have a Better Life.
11. YIA Action n 4.6 - 'Youth Support Systems Partnerships DIPUTACIÓN DE GRANADA - EYIN- Education for the Employment of European Youth Immigrant Network.
12. Coordinator of ERASMUS Key 1 2018-3-MT01-KA 105-50980 Aware migrant integration
13. Coordinator of Erasmus + Key 1 2018-1-MT01-KA105-038430 Refugees in society
14. Erasmus+ Key 22019-1-IT03-KA205-015657 partners with Associazione "Submeet on project SPECTATOR OR AN ACTOR ? 2019-2021
Media and communication: GRF has branched into media and intercultural dialogue where we have successfully managed and organized a number of projects based on EU information and awareness, intercultural issues, social issues and refugees.
This led to a number of media projects where we coordinated training on documentary film production in Ramallah Palestine and producing 4 films; the creation of a Web TV with
Italian, Spanish and Albanian partners; organizing training on Film production, Editing and dissemination.
We also produced, edited a number of short films for various projects, written and produced information publicity material, booklets, book and other information material.

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