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Our school is located in Sultangazi, a district of Istanbul. The school, that opened its doors in 2001, hosts currently 812 students. It is one of the 84 project high schools in Istanbul and the only school in our district that accepts students after they sit required entrance exams. Every year, our school prepares Scientific Research Institution of Turkey's average of 30 projects, provincial and intra-provincial foreign trips, study and research activities in numerous fields. Our school was involved in different Erasmus+ projects in the past, finished them succesfully and most of the staff remains very positive and motivated about participating in local and international projects. We have language classes consisting of skilled and
engaged students who are willing and eager to improve their language acquisition on different levels. By implementing the activities of the project, we would like to upgrade school's and region's profile in terms of quality of general education and civic skills.

A lot of attention is paid to learn foreign languages - English and German are compulsory subjects. A lot of emphasis is put on development of individual aptitude and interests of the students. In curriculum we have also civics lessons where our students learn about democratic processes and history of world democracy. With this Erasmus project we intend to share our best practices and learn from other partners to be more efficient. As for our students, our interdisciplinary and multitask project is a great tool to make them more active in the learning process, to offer them exciting and innovative learning opportunities through collaboration and cooperation with their peers from other countries with European dimension.

Our school wants to improve the quality of the internationalisation, teaching methods and the knowledge and competences of the staff.

Associated Partners: Ministry of Education, Aydın University, Istanbul University, Local NGOs, Sultangazi Municipality

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